Build Royale IO

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Build Royale IO


Play Build Royale IO Game

Those who love the Battle Royale games can play Build Royale IO in their free time. This is one of the most advanced io games that you can play on the internet. Players can consider the game as the io version of Fortnite. It is because you can build things to protect yourself and gain an advantage while eliminating your opponents. Just like regular Battle Royale games, you will be competing against 99 players.

Play Build Royale IO Now

Without a doubt, you will not notice how fast the time passed when youplay this gameĀ  . There are dozens of weapons that you can find on the map. In addition to this, players can benefit from the health packs while they are harvesting wood, stone, and bricks. When you start playing the game, you will be located in the lobby where you can harvest raw materials for a limited time. You can use these sources when the round starts.

How to Play Build Royale IO?

Players have to use WASD keys to move and their mouse to take aim and shoot. In addition to this, you need to use the numbers on your keyboard to swap between your guns. The Q key allows you to open the build mode in which you can build walls to protect yourself. We believe that you are going to have plenty of good time when you play the game. We highly recommend you not to miss your chance to compete with 99 players in this fast-paced game.