Hole IO

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Hole IO


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In case you love competitive games, then we bet you are going to love this amazing game when you play Hole IO. It is one of the best productions among io games where you are going to be a black hole. Your goal is to swallow as much as you can. The things you need to swallow also includes amazing building and skyscrapers. As you can guess, you will be a small hole at the beginning and increase your dimension as you keep swallowing things and other players.

Play Hole IO Now

Just like in other io games, you can beat your opponents by swallowing them. To do this, you need to be bigger than them and catch them when they do not expect you. We recommend you play humble at the beginning of the game and then start to play aggressive as you get bigger when you play the game. It will be worth noting that this is not an endless game. Each round has a predetermined time and the player who will be the largest black hole will be the winner at the end of the round.

How to Play Hole IO?

All you need to do is using the WASD keys on your keyboard. You do not need any additional keys. Players can also choose different skins while playing the game. You can customize your appearance and compete with other players. People who love highly competitive games can easily be addicted to this game.