Krunker IO

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Krunker IO


Play Krunker IO Game

Here is one of the great io games for those who love the FPS genre. You can play Krunker IO in your free time and enjoy the amazing experience of FPS. You can consider this game as the io version of the famous Counter-Strike. As you can customize your character, you can also prefer to play different game modes. In all modes, a very competitive experience is waiting for you. We can assure you that you will enjoy this game to the fullest in all modes.

Play Krunker IO Now

If you want, you can play in teams or play the modes which are free for all. Each round has a certain time limit and you can respawn whenever you die when you play Krunker IO. The best part of the game is there is a leveling concept. You can unlock new weapons and skins as you keep killing other players and save your progression. Moreover, you will be playing on different maps in each round. This greatly prevents you from getting bored by playing on the same maps all the time.

How to Play Krunker IO?

You need to use WASD keys to move. In addition to this, you can aim and shoot with your mouse. The R key allows you to reload your weapon. You have unlimited ammo but make sure that you reload at the right time. Always check your behind while you are running around the map since players who play Krunker IO can spawn in any location randomly.

  • W, A, S, D for movement
  • R for reload weapon
  • LMB for shoot
  • RMB for aim
  • Space for jump
  • Shift for crouch
  • F for spray

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