Shell Shockers IO

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Shell Shockers IO


Play Shell Shockers IO Game

People who love to play shooter games can play Shell Shockers IO whenever they want. This is the io version of popular FPS games such as Counter-Strike. You will be playing the game in teams and your goal is to eliminate the other players. You can always check your stats during the game and try to help your team to win the rounds. In addition to this, there are different types of weapons you can prefer to eliminate your opponents.

Play Shell Shockers IO Now

Without a doubt, you are going to have plenty of time when you play Shell Shockers IO. You will be controlling an egg and try to eliminate the eggs in the enemy team. The maps of the game can vary depending on the rounds. You can climb stairs, find great points to hide from your opponents and kill them when they are not expecting to see an enemy! This game is one of the best io games with amazing 3D graphics and smooth gameplay.

How to Play Shell Shockers IO?

You will need to use WASD keys to provide directions to your character. In addition to this, you can aim and shoot with the help of your mouse when you play Shell Shock IO. It is possible to change your team during the rounds as well. Moreover, you can choose the best server for your location at the beginning of the game and never worry about the lag problems. Do not miss your chance to give a try to this amazing game.

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