Starjack IO

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Starjack IO


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People who like to play space games will love to play Starjack IO on the internet. This amazing game is one of the best space games that has ever developed in io games category. You are going to invade the planets, colonize them and try to capture the planets of other players. Whenever you lose all of your colonized planets, you will lose the game and have to wait for another round to keep playing. In general, you have to wait for a minute before the game starts.

Play Starjack IO Now

You will find new abilities as you colonize new planets when you play this game. Each planet can produce a certain number of spaceships that you can use to attack other planets. As you can guess, your goal is to have to most spaceships in the space. In this way, you can conquer the planets of your opponents and win the rounds. You need to pay attention to the abilities that planets can offer you. It will be wise to make strategic attacks to have more abilities at hand.

How to Play Starjack IO?

Players have to use their mouse to perform attacks and make selections. In addition to this, you can use WASD keys to move around the map. Your main planet has the scan ability which will unlock hidden areas. Do not forget to use these skills often and when they are ready. We can guarantee that you will have plenty of fun time while playing this game and competing against other players.