Surviv IO

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Surviv IO


The circle is closing, welcome to Surviv IO.

Players who enjoy playing survival shooting games can play Surviv IO right now! This is one of the best io games that offer the Battle Royale concept to io lovers. Without a doubt, you are going to have great times while playing this game. As you can play it alone, you can also team up with your friends and play together. You will be playing on the same map with 99 more players. The last one who will stand alone on the map will be the winner of that round.

Play Surviv IO Now

No matter how you play this game, whether solo or multiplayer, fun is guaranteed. You can enjoy your time by competing against other players and try to be the winner of each round. Just like all Battle Royale games, you need to collect the weapons, bags, and armors from different parts of the map. Players have to break the crates to find different kinds of equipment to use. You can find more crates around the buildings as well.

How to Play Surviv IO?

Players have to provide directions to their characters with WASD keys when they play Surviv IO. In addition to this, you can swap between your weapons with the numbers on your keyboard. You can also aim and shoot with the help of your mouse. We recommend you finding scopes as soon as possible because they allow you to have a wider view and detect your enemies earlier. We can guarantee that you are going to love this game a lot!